Could you live on $1/day?

Save money & lose weight! Guaranteed!

Yes, all this can be accomplished simply by assuming the same food regimen that has worked for over a billion people worldwide!

Try the $1 a day grocery budget, and see results now!

Okay, so it’s not a weight loss plan at all, but that’s what will happen, along with potential scurvy and malnutrition, so proceed with caution.

You may have heard about the couple from San Diego who conducted this very experiment during the month of September.

Both are high school teachers who started this whole idea while discussing their rising grocery budget and then decided to give it a whirl.

Their blog on this experience is really eye-opening, and you can check out their fancy recipes here also – some of them actually look pretty tasty and are just pennies a serving!



  1. ooooh, this is a fun blog to read- it's addictive. i'm on day 8. i want to try this- but i know i don't have the will power. haha.

  2. i just DO NOT think i could do it... what dedication!

  3. Leah I'm sad me and jordan didn't make it on monday..I just thought you would enjoy not getting my sickness...but next time we are so in! Plan more please!


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