three years down . .

Three years down, eternity to go!
At least that's what the accompanying note with my tulips said when Ryan had them delivered to me all the way in Canada. I'm surprised they lasted that long!

Yes, our third anniversary was on March 9th and it was spent apart.
I was in Canada visiting family, and Ryan was hard at work all day and on-call every night.

Incidentally Ry's incredible work ethic was one of the reasons I married him. Apparently he cannot say the same thing about me. The most exertion I put forth over the break was driving for 34 hours.

I missed him. I hope he missed me. But despite the missing, it was actually a lot of fun to feel like we were dating again.

Late night whispered phone calls from the bedroom, daily emails and text messaging. Long talks about nothing an everything. Finding my thoughts wander to him frequently throughout every day.

Mostly just thinking of the funny things I'd tell him if he were here, and how much nicer life is with him around.

Wondering what he is doing, if he is happy, if he is eating.

Ryan is capable of survival without food far beyond anything I ever thought possible. This super-power leads to long absences without food consumption, to the point of my questioning whether or not he is in fact a robot.

It really wouldn't matter to me, I would love Ryan even if he was a robot. It would just be nice to know. I have heard that robots don't blink however, and Ryan blinks a lot.

Anyways, I digress.

Point being, Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I couldn't have been happier to get home.

. . . I began this post with the intention of celebrating our love story with the telling of its origin. But talking about, or writing about Ryan, for some reason always takes longer than anticipated.

There is just so much to be said about this guy!

And Ry just walked in the door with the makings of chicken fajitas.

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