big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!

not coconuts, worms!!!

thousands, not hundreds, of worms are currently squirming around outside our door.

i know there are thousands because i have extensive experience with worms.

in my youth much of my spending money was earned through the activity (and some say sport) of hunting worms.

perhaps many of you are unaware of my worm hunting past. allow me to explain.

my dad used to send us out on rainy days armed with ice cream buckets and plastic forks.

with these tools we collected hundreds of worms for cultivation purposes in the garden.

we were paid exactly a penny for every worm we procured.

you may assume that this would not be a lucrative endeavor.

you would be wrong.

the highest earning worm day for me saw an earning of well over four dollars.

for my age demographic at the time that was quite a hefty some.

it financed quite a few happy trips to the local macs store.

never before have i witnessed as many unaided worms at once group together as tonight.

its really gross. so naturally i captured it on film!

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  1. ew!
    i didn't get payed, but i used to pay with them and cut them in half.


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