Basil is Delicious!

picture taken from here

Tonight was our first taste of the fresh basil we have been fondly growing in our garden. (ie: flower pot on our patio)

I made homemade pesto served over pasta. We served this with grilled chicken, zucchini, tomatoes (also topped with basil) and mushrooms.

For dessert? A bowl of ripened warm strawberries with chopped basil. (I'm very particular about warm strawberries, they are always so much more delicious warm.)

Best summer meal ever made even more delicious by tons of basil. Also by grilling out of doors in the fresh air and lovely weather.

Hope your evening was just as magical - if not just as full of fresh herbs.


  1. totally agree about warm strawberries.

    *funny memory: basil always reminds me of grade 5 with ms. mckenzie at prince of wales. we had a hydroponics unit in our classroom and basil was the first thing we grew. i got to bring some home and my mom used it in spaghetti. it's good stuff.

  2. I love that! Ms. Mckenziw was one funny duck. I loved her in grad five. Although we never grew any basil . . . and I'm so happy we see eye to eye on warm strawberries, they just can't be properly enjoyed any other way!

  3. An obviously I meant ms. mckenzie - not ms. mckenziw, I've never even heard of her!


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