last week was fun

last week ryan's parents were here to visit.
we did many fun things together.

this time last week we were painting this guy.

then we drove out here.

ryan showed me how to do this.

and then he really showed me. the fun way!

we arrived home to these pretties.

actually, this is what we arrived home to.

and then our friendly neighbors brought these over.

thanks for the beautiful graduation congratulations tara.


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING??? of course we did! how are you!!! i love blogging for this exact purpose. i can't wait to catch up!

  2. Oh my goodness, Leah, You are the most amazing person I have seriously ever known! :) I am very impressed. Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. impressed by my sweet gun shooting skills? yes-yes, I am amazing! :) we haven't seen you guys in forever, are you up for some camping & hiking this summer?


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