our first annual biathlon

that's right folks,
the first ever annual remington biathlon was a raging success.
it was a team event,
and consisted of running,
both up and down five flights of stairs,
and swimming,
around a small island in the middle of the lake.
both events were exhausting.

and the winner is . . .
chelsey & brad!
no, scratch that,
after competing later that evening tim pulled into first place
-as a single-

next year will including biking,
let the training begin!


  1. Oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun! Except that I can't swim. :) You guys are always doing such fun things! Are you in Canada with your family? You'll still be in Logan in the fall RIGHT????

  2. leah! Wow, its been...a year since I've seen/talked to ya. Ah, those blessed Riverside, Ca days. How are you two?

  3. yeah, we were visiting at a cabin in montana and then canada, and we may just still be here in the fall - we are in the process of making future plans. when do you guys get back? we miss you. oh, and yeah ed, i was rooting for him. you?


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