anne of green gables.

last year for my birthday
i received this gem of a birthday gift from my mom.
{special edition dvd set of aogg}
this movie is definitely in my top ten.
quite possibly in my top 3.
love-love it!

there are very few comparably great movies.
but pride & prejudice is one of those rare few.
maybe for this year's birthday i'll get lucky again!?
{hint. wink. smile.}

gilbert. darcy.
even now there is just something about them.
that makes me want to smile.
and swoon.


  1. Oh Leah, I KNEW that we were "kindred spirits". Anne of Green Gables is also one of my all time favorite movies. I hope to one day visit Prince Edward Island and see the Lake of Shining Waters and the White Way of Delight (ok, I'm a total nerd, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE those movies). In fact, I think it's high time that I watch them all over again. (unfortunately I only have them on VHS.... A good idea for an anniversary present).

  2. h, a prince edward island vacation would be pure bliss!! and don't worry, i'm seriously in love with everything about these movies, so nothing you say sounds in the least nerdy. we should definitely do a girls night/day and watch them. maybe while serving tea. which absolutely includes blackberry cordial and scones and cake. wouldn't that be divine?

  3. Hey Leah, Cute post you did for Chelsea's blog! You are so entertaining...So cute. And I'm with you on the movies. Great choices.


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