birthday wish list.

welcome august!

i'm glad you're here.
because that means only 21 more days.
until my birthday that is.

last year ry got me a green bike.
i absolutely love it!

this year i would not be sad to see:

a bottle of this perfume
(XS Pour Elle)

or a travel jewelry case similar
to this blue beauty found at pottery barn.

or any number of breakfast trays
as lovely as this one from ikea.

or a set of 10 darling knobs
like these gems from anthropologie.
{to outfit my new old coffee table}


  1. i love your taste as well leah! and that is so funny you put those knobs from anthropologie up because we were just in california and i begged jord to run into anthro with me and i saw these knobs and FELL IN LOVE with them. they are adorable. i hope you get them so you can enjoy them for the both of us!

  2. Oh ya those ARE great gift ideas!! Great taste girl!! Leah it was so fun to see you!! Wish you could have stayed longer. I can't wait to hear what your plans are for the fall. Keep us posted!!

  3. oh thanks everyone.

    kell, i love your taste so i'm especially glad you approve!

    those knobs are lovely aren't they paige? i'll let you know which ones i actually end up with.

    and leslie it was so fun to see you, and i heard lydia looked oh so sweet at her baptism. wish we could have been there, and we definitely need to see you more. let us know when you're coming to utah next, and we'll for sure let you know where we end up this fall.


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