closet blogging.

so, it's official, our computer has found a brand new home . . .
in our closet!


well here's a sneak peek mid-reno.

and here are the top 3 reasons we moved our office space into what used to be a tiny, dark & enclosed area of our home.

1. because we absolutely love having our computer on the main floor rather than upstairs.
you can perhaps blame this on the generational influence of fast-tracking and short-cutting. but seriously, it was such a hassle to run upstairs every time we had to check a fact, find a recipe, look for inspiration, or {you guessed it} update the blog. it is for this reason our computer has been temporarily residing on our coffee table in the living room for the past couple months. well no longer!

2. because we now have a guest room.
since ry & i are both are out-a-towners we constantly enjoy a flow of much welcome guests and visitors. our one extra bedroom was mostly dedicated to this whole office space thing, which, in my mind, kinda' wasted the bedroom. i mean the entire room became absorbed with all things school related. well, we've pared back and forced ourselves to organize! which is one of my favorite words. and i've rediscovered that getting rid of stuff is just as good {sometimes even better} than buying new stuff. it feels like we have a whole new room. now our tiny townhouse boasts both an office & a spare room.

which leads me to number three.

3. because we can now call our upstairs room the spare room.
this might be my personal favorite. a) because it is sweetly reminiscent of one of my favorite books {lion, witch & wardrobe} and b) because i feel like we have more room. i hate the feeling of clutter and being crowded. now i feel clutter free and much more feng shui. {something about making room for the things you want to come into your life. aka: more guests. yes please!}

so now i am a bona fide closet blogger.

yeah us! do you want to see it?


  1. I must admit I am desperate to see what you have done. Such a good idea!

  2. Yes I want to see it! Plus, I'm totally baffled as to what you did with all the crap in your closet. I love ORGANIZING and THROWING AWAY, unfortunately, my husband is the exact opposite so we end up compromising, which in my eyes still ends up being way too much junk.


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