i'm glad today is a saturday.

we thought we would be moving by now.
and that ryan would start a high paying career-job.
and that we would buy a house.
and have kids.

but we're not. not doing any of it.
we're staying here in logan. {at least for the next year or so.}
ryan is starting his masters degree in agricultural technology.
and i am looking for a job. {any ideas anyone?}
and we are keeping our little townhouse rental.
and we are stuck with white walls.
and i'm starting to be okay with that.

i mean i'm more than okay with the living in logan, and ryan earning a graduate degree {i'm so proud of you honey-bum.} this all feels right & good, and kinda' nice.but i'm just starting to be okay with the white walls.
i'm trying to embrace it.
and they're starting to grow on me.

so i'm keeping busy with tons of projects & organizing & d.i. trips & steals-of-deals.
all in the attempt to transform our old home into something new and exciting. all without changing anything at all. not really. {'cause we are renters after all.}

and all without spending very much money. you know, 'cause we don't really have any. being students.
in fact, our house budget is $5 a week. in addition to whatever money i earn selling our old junk. which has actually been quite lucrative. it funded our entire new office. which {have i mentioned this already?} we LOVE.

so here's to saturday. and de-cluttering closet space.
and organizing all the stuff that used to live in our office/closet.
{i'll post pics of how that all shakes out since so many of you have been asking.}
and taking car-full's of junk to d.i.
it actually kinda' makes me feel good.
because i have found so many treasures there.
& maybe we've got someone else's treasure sitting up there in that huge pile of stuff.
i hope so.

anyways, i'm glad todays a saturday.
and that our dining room table is finally clear.
and our summer clothes are safely boxed away for next year.
and that my husband is so very handy.
and helpful.

picture proof of our living room chaos and the day-to-day mess of organizing.
the cardboard box has been my permanent highly-inconvenient-but-very-functional project area.
note: the office playing in the background.
so true to form.


  1. isn't it crazy the lack of control we really have over our own lives.

  2. Hey Leah! Glad you found me, now we can keep in touch. That is right...you never got to see our little girl! Crazy how time goes by so fast.
    There is nothing wrong with a rental!
    I really love what you did with the closet/office...good job!

  3. it is crazy britt, and thanks chloe. we do love our little place, even if it is a rental!


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