a corner worthy of a cup of tea.

guess how much this lamp cost us. go ahead, guess!
you won't. you won't be able to. so i will tell you.

this lovely shade was no more than $2 at d.i. yesterday. $2!!
isn't it the most adorable shape & silhouette you've ever seen?

so today, in search of the perfect base, i head over to {where else?} walmart.
and there i find this lovely cream puppy for $16.99. that sounded great, considering the practically free shade we had waiting at home to go with it.
so, i bring it to the cash register and low & behold it's a clearance item for $1.50.
yeah, seriously!
hard to believe right? i know. i checked. twice.
$3.50 is looking like a pretty good number to me right now.
and this corner of our house is giving our new office a run for it's money!
isn't it cozy?

and a little catch-all blue dish stolen from our master bedroom rests atop some of our favorite books to store special things like free ice cream tokens. are you as in love with it as i am?


Tell me what you think about that...