dear santa...

this is a conversation i had with one of my sisters
{who shall remain nameless to protect her identity}
about 22 years ago.

(sister enters my bedroom looking very wise indeed.)
sister: "you know santa clause?"
( i am reading on my bed, temporarily happy to be interrupted by said sister.)
me: "yeah"
sister: "and the tooth fairy, and easter bunny?"
me: "of course!"
sister: "they're not real."
me: "yeah right."
sister: "they're not. mom just told me. but i've kinda' known for a while."
me: "oh! {sad} wait, {hopeful} then how do we get all those presents?"
sister: "it's mom and dad. but she told me not to tell, so don't say anything."
me: "kay." {devastated}

and that is how i found out.

so now that i know the truth...

dear santa parents,
because ryan and i have been trying really hard to be good all year.
and because our bedroom is looking oh-so-blah!
we would love nothing more than to see this under the tree this year:

found here.
no, not the entire bed. just the duvet cover.


found here.
this sea spray blue blanket.
and some fresh white sheets would be nice too.


  1. Leah! Oh my, that is a devastating way to find out that Santa is not real!! And... we are going to be in and out of Logan. We'll be here mostly Sundays and a few other days, but because Jory works in Roy, were going to go stay down there so that he doesn't have to drive the canyon so much this month!! :S Scary! Are you guys going to wisconson or canada??

  2. i know right?

    i'm glad you guys will be around, i've got a christmas something for you.

    we'll be in canada this year. you guys?

  3. Leah! I am so happy you found my blog! I'm so happy to find yours :) I will definitely be stopping by again as well. Yay for blogging :)

    Also, that bedding looks lovely and that is so sad how you found out about Santa! I think that's how most younger siblings end up finding out, though. So sad!

  4. oh good sarah, and yes, blogs sure make the world seem a lot smaller. and i'm ever so glad.


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