in the spirit of giving

one of my favorite christmas traditions
{who am i kidding, i love them all.}
is the exchanging of neighborhood gifts worldwide every year.
and despite being students living with and around other students,
this tradition is alive and well even here.
and although our little tokens are never anything to write home about,
{more like christmas favors than actual gifts}
i love that even without butt-loads of money everyone is just so generous and thoughtful.
and i especially love the way i get to wring my brain every year
coming up with tasty & affordable goodies to spread holiday cheer.
and 'cause i basically have kitchen a.d.d and get bored with tried and true recipes,
every year is an experiment in confections.
here's a glance at our very own christmas past:

christmas 2007
spearmint & peppermint chocolate cookies

christmas 2008
turtle pretzels {caramel, pecans, toffee, milk chocolate}
we were a little late this particular year and delivered new years treats instead.

christmas 2009
peppermint marshmallows & peppermint sticks
{for hot cocoa}

so consider this our virtual neighbor gift to each of you.
merry christmas!

oh, and T-2 days till canada! we can't wait.


  1. WOW! you made all that stuff! you are so talented leah! i am totally inspired to do something like this. i may have to consult you when it comes to packaging though....

  2. oh mercedes, thank you. wish you were closer and you would have one on your doorstep right this minute!


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