just a day with grandma and me.

my grandma turns 77 this week, so on thursday we celebrated.

i took her out to lunch at nostalgia cafe,
where we ate huge sandwiches & mini's cupcakes.
this is also where grandma talked me through her most recent photo album.
and apologized profusely that i wasn't in it, even though i was.
and forgot what avocados were, so i had to explain.

then we went to barnes & noble,
where we browsed through books aplenty.
this is also where grandma got the giggles watching pigeons on the roof.
and criticized obscure books like anna karenina & oliver twist for having strange titles.
and couldn't comprehend why there were soo many magazines.

we also stopped by backyard birds,
where we admired the vast display of birdy wares.
and looked at bird baths similar to the one she has at her home in canada.
this is also where grandma insisted she had no such bird bath.
and if she did, she had never seen it.

and then we drove home.
to my aunt laurels, where she is staying.
and we watched the old movie miracle on 34th street.
grandma loved the actress playing the little girl,
but thought the last half of the movie was incredibly boring.
"they should be able to make a better film than this!" she informed me.
{maybe someday grandma, maybe someday!}
this is also when grandma expressed the following sentiment:
"funny," she said. "that it should be so dark. especially in the summer."
all while gazing at the christmas tree aglow with lights.

and then before bed, grandma recited some of her favorite poetry for me.
the white magnolia tree with fondness.
and the creation in character - accent and all.
and then she encouraged me to write some poetry of my own.
and even gave me some paper and pen,
waiting anxiously to see what i could produce on the fly.
i was sorry to disappoint.

it was a happy day indeed.

and the next morning i called my husband at 8 am.
to say hello. and i miss you.
and while talking, a timid knock came at my door.
"come in" i said.
and come in she did.
grandma was all giggles and laughter.
a good morning hug, a good morning kiss.
and surprised excitement to find someone staying in her adjoining guest room.

and although grandma probably doesn't remember any of it,
i hope that i never forget our happy day together.


  1. so funny and fun and adorable that you were able to do that. She may not remember now, but I know she appreciates each moment of attention day by day. And grandpa I'm sure appreciates it more than we know. Love ya and see you soon...

  2. Leah what a sweet day to spend. I'm glad you got to enjoy your visit with her.

  3. So well written. What a fabulous granddaughter you are.

  4. I wish I could capture my days with her, like you did yours... I'm glad you wrote it down. I'm going to start that too. it was fun to see you and talk with you... sorry to stay til 230! haha. Xoxo.

  5. What a sweet day, and how wonderful to record it the way you did.

    Will you email me your address and the little lovely that you want for sure? Then Erica will send it to you! Hooray! :)


  6. chels, we can't wait to see you! and it was loads of fun with grams. wish you were closer so you could have joined us!!

    thanks nat. what are your christmas plans this year?

    britt, it was fun girl talking all night long, so i'm glad you stayed!

    and sarah, i'm so pumped for my prize!

  7. Leah thanks for taking such good care of Grandma! You were so cute with her and she had a wonderful day with you. So did I. It was great to spend some time together. Love You!


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