hanging around

because we know at least one person {hey mom!}
who wants to see our christmas decorations.
here are some of our favorite things hanging around the house right now:

1. mistletoe ball in our entryway.
{not just pretty to look at, but we also enjoy the extra kisses.}

2. oval exterior wreath.
we're really hoping this survives the winter winds.
today has us a little bit worried because it has been very cold and very windy.
i can hear, and almost feel, the wind howling right now.

3. cozy stockings hung with care.
{note the nails used as stocking hangers. just 'cause we're very fancy.}

4. jingle bells on all our door knobs.
we've had these since our first christmas together,
and i love hearing the jingling all season long.

6. little red bird ornaments we bought last year post christmas season for 75% off!
{these are in fact hanging on our tree & not on the wall as pictured.}

these are some of the little details i love most at christmas time.
each and every one of them makes me happy.
and the entire house seems cheerier with christmas up.
{it's always hard for me to put everything away come january.}
but if you really want to see christmas done right, you've got to see my mom's house.
she does christmas better than anyone i know.
i think her name {carol} lends itself to this gift of christmas.
and we can't wait to be there this year.


  1. Cute! I think I would love to see your tree!! :)

  2. ps I am not Anonymous... I just am having trouble leaving a comment under my name...


  3. thanks heather and anonymous, i mean kelly! :) tree to come.

    oh, and to both of you... can't wait to see your christmas pics!

  4. Hey Leah - you prob don't remember me, but I was Kelly's roommate at LDSBC... found your blog from her blog, and I visit it often. I love your posts, and your simplicity, and your beautiful house decorations, and reading your thoughts. Visit my blog anytime - not as great as yours though! kristen-enjoyingeverymoment.blogspot.com

  5. Hey these last few posts have been so festive! I love reading what you have been up to. So lovely.

  6. kristen, glad you found me! and thank you. you're so sweet. {your blog is adorable by-the-way.}

    tar-head! your comment made me happy 'cause i miss you a lot. can't wait to see you at home over the holidays.


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