gender bites

ryan and i approach our dinner plates very differently.
ryan tastes each portion of a meal to determine which he likes best.
then methodically eats each component separately and entirely.
starting with whichever part is least preferred,
and finishing with the dish which is most enjoyable.
(this is usually the protein portion.)

i, on the other hand, simply love mixing flavors & textures.
i like to have a little taste of everything on my fork.
and i take the time to purposefully combine my food using proportions
which allow me to finish all food groups at the same time.
in what is a final perfect bite.

(to illustrate: our sunday dinner plates from yesterday.)

ryans method used to drive me a little bit nuts.
i felt he was missing out.
{couldn't he see the value of the perfect combination?}
but he could not be swayed.
and now i find his habit kind of adorable.
and i watch carefully to see what he is most savoring,
and what he rids his plate of first.
it's a subtle way of discovering his preferences.
and sometimes he surprises me and saves a pasta, or (rarely) a vegetable for last.
and then i feel very happy.


  1. Brent tends to have the same pattern. He always eats the meat last. What drives me crazy is he takes ridiculously big bites. So, he is done eating way before me and I end up finishing my food at the table alone. Men...

  2. thats so funny. I do the same thing as ned except backwards. I eat all of the best food first then move on to the second best and so on.

  3. Wow, me and my hubby are exactly the same - I take turns around my plate, and he eats one thing at a time! Yeah, I think he's kind of weird for doing that, I totally have to change it up... don't like tasting the same thing over and over. How funny!


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