we're all thumbs.

but not in a good way. not in a green way.
we have serious issues when it comes to growing stuff.
we really stink at the keeping plants alive part of gardening.
and while we recognize that we technically should be very good at this.
(because both our parents are huge gardeners. and all of our grandparents harvested successful gardens. and that it's in our blood!)
we try not to dwell on the fact that we've killed nearly every plant we've ever owned.
(unintentionally, of course.)
the fact that we've successfully destroyed lilies, plumerias, house plants, a whole bunch of those little trees from ikea, indoor & outdoor herbs, and literally everything we planted last year.
all that remains is one lone little money tree.
and it is barely (brown leaves outnumber the green) hanging on.

planting last years flowers.

but we cling to this really lovely idea of gardening.
because for the short while these plants last we simply adore them.
and we really love gardening. both the process and the results.
(what could be better than fresh flowers and fresh produce?)
so we're not giving up.
we're clinging to the old adage that practice makes perfect.
and we definitely sense that this is our year.
we can almost taste the success!
literally, because this weekend we are planting our first real garden!
with vegetables!!
flowers and strawberries too, but it's our first attempt at vegetables that's getting us really excited.
and we're hoping this turns out to be an investment and a hobby.
and not just a big fat waste of everything.
yep, gardening! that is what our weekend holds.
so wish us luck!
(heaven knows we'll need it.)

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