while i was sleeping...

ryan was out taking our new dslr for a test run.
and i could smell the scent of these blossoms wafting in through our screen door.
making my sunday afternoon nap-time dreams so much sweeter.
and i woke up happy & head-ache free.
and am loving this picture of above mentioned blossoms that he captured.
it makes me want to be outside.
to be enjoying a sunday evening walk with my talented hubby.
so that is where i am headed.

** sunday afternoon naps & sunday evening walks, these two things are some of what i most cherish about today.
**notice the pollen laden honey bee, ryan informs me that they store the pollen on their back legs. can you see?


  1. Beautiful picture ryan! I am sure that there will be many more to come...

  2. oh i cannot wait to see it tonight!! :) so excited for june! Ryan... you are pretty good, maybe you should take the class with us!

  3. There is something so nostalgic about a Sunday nap that makes it better than any weekday nap. I feel the same way about a scrumptious dinner and fresh baked rolls....always tastes better on Sunday.

  4. Leah! We are in Nanaimo, and then in July we move to Victoria! We like it here, and things are going pretty well! If you know any good places to visit/eat, let me know!

  5. Great picture, but what is with all the bees! As I pulled up to church on Sunday and almost got out of my car there were 3 bees trapping me inside of my car! I am a little annoyed with those bees right now, Ha Ha!

  6. i know ali, aren't the bees totally nuts? we always have tons by, around and in our car! it's crazy.


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