yes, the third {and final} installment!!

this was on the boat out to alcatraz!

and it illustrates the really funny part about vacationing with just two,
you end up with a lot of these one handed photo's.
i especially love how you can perfectly see the camera silhouette on our faces.

the strange thing about alcatraz is it's really quite unexpectedly beautiful!
tons of green, and birds, and flowers, and architecture.
and it's also surprisingly small. and surprisingly tragic feeling.
not depressing, like i thought it would be, but sincerely sad.
you can't help thinking about all of the wasted lives spent there.

listening to the intense tour recording.
complete with sound effects and personal interviews with guards & prisoners.
we were surprised to discover this whole things was really long.
in a good way. you can easily spend your entire day on this island.
we almost did.

ryan & i looking sad in the pitch black isolation ward {above}
and enjoying the view out in the courtyard {below}

then we watched these guys.

right here. before getting some seafood.

seafood i can't even identify.
ryan and i went the safe route with crab & sourdough bread.

and then our final taste of this!

after all that time taking the city transit,
we felt like we knew our way around pretty well.
that is until it took us a couple hours, a lot of walking, and a little help from strangers to findour way to these pretty painted ladies.
spending the evening at the park across the street while the sun set was worth it.

and a fond goodbye to our new favorite city.
we are fickle that way, and love most whatever city we most recently visit.


  1. I have never been out to Alcatraz but now I totally want to go! Looks like you guys had such a fun trip!

  2. Aren't those condos/houses from the TV series FULL HOUSE? Old I know...but seriously the best TV show! P.S. If you are still in hte San Fran area I was watching on TLC "The Top Ten Bakeries" in the US and one is in San Fran! It's called Tartine Bakery and Cafe. You will have to try it out and let me know!

  3. i would definitely recommend it janelle, we thought it was so interesting, which then equates to fun. and those are the very houses from that old classic full house {which i totally love} stephanie, and i wish we were still there! we went for a week in march, but next time we're all over that cafe. we love good recommendations!

  4. When we go on this trip, I will know who to call for all the tips.
    Fabulous photos and looks like the trip was great!


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