miracle of miracles!

look! look! look what we did!!
we grew a carrot!
and it was an incredibly delicious carrot too.
{i know, it's small but i couldn't wait a minute longer, i just had to pull one up to see how they were progressing!}
and that's not all, our entire garden is actually growing.
and it's nothing short of miraculous!!
{did i mention that we kill nearly every living thing we've ever owned.}
and now we have a whole garden of tiny wonders in our front garden patch.
it makes me giddy just looking at it.
and just thinking about it.
if gardens can bring this much joy i can only imagine what kids can do.
and pets for that matter.
i feel all sorts of proud mama-ish.
so forgive me if i gush!

peas                                                zucchini 

carrots, tomatoes, strawberries & beans

ryan waters it faithfully every day.
and i do the weeding.
and we simply could not be prouder!
{in a very humble way of course.}


  1. OH Congrats!!! I feel the same way about my flower bulbs that are popping up in our front yard! I have the worst brown thumb ever. :O)

  2. Oh, Leah. That pic of Ryan with your fabulous carrot is AWESOME! How good are you? Super good, I daresay. I'm very proud of you...Not in a mamaish way---but in a much more real sense, a very mamaish way. :) Also, I will come to Logan and partake of the goodness that your gardening brings.

  3. you should be proud!! what an accomplishment!! ha, ha, i love that wee of a carrot!

  4. What a great little garden! You remind me of your Dad, he always pulls up things as they are growing, cause he is so excited to see where they are at!
    Good Work you two!

  5. hahaha!!! i love that little carrot of yours.

  6. mmmm. Fresh carrots are the best things in the world. I love your garden. It's adorable and so are you...see you in 7 days...

  7. mindy, you guys better come share in our garden goodness. if the grasshoppers don't eat it all that is!

    oh, thanks meg! we love that wee of a carrot too. and i am proud - maybe a little too. :)

    mom, i do get so excited. i never thought i would, 'cause i always thought dad's enthusiasm was a little much, but now i totally get it!! it's wonderful.

    chels, we can't wait to see you guys too. maybe, if your lucky, we'll bring a wee little carrot along for you to sample. :)


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