view from our back porch.

i love the evenings here!
the hot, dry, intoxicatingly gorgeous evenings.
looking east from our back porch we get to see this:
{red mountains indicate a truly remarkable sunset}

turn around and voila!
we get to enjoy something like this:

i find it difficult to come inside with the sky painted such beautiful colors.
i just stand outside and gaze.

{i'm also loving my new canon that captures this kind of duskiness without any editing whatsoever. none! amazing right?}


  1. We really are lucky to live in such a great place! And, I feel the SAME way about the DI! I never find that awesome of things, but I am glad that you did!

  2. Leah, I just love reading your blog! I start out thinking I'll just read one post and then I end up going back to look at the millions that I've missed-and all of them just make me happy! You are such a great writer and I'm so entertained by reading your thoughts! The post about your grandma made my night. I can't believe you stole her silouettes! :)


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