a friendly weekend

that's what we had.
a very friendly weekend indeed!
it included a visit from & picnic with these good friends:
{from salt lake city}

a visit from and dinner with these other good friends:
{from arizona}
*pictures courtesy of ryan's iphone

and even a bachelorette finale/nacho party with friends that actually live in logan,
but of which we sadly do not have any pictures.

we're hoping this weekend is even half as good!


  1. LOVE those friends! its so good to see them.
    leah, im dead serious about going out with our cameras. i have SO much to learn from you! i just ended school yesterday... and have a few weeks until fall semester starts, so let me know!

  2. I can not express to you how jealous Jed and I are right now!!! ugh! :O) We miss all those friends and you and Ryan!

  3. YAHOO! We had so much fun visiting. Weird that it's visiting. But whatever. too bad we missed those Garretts! And I still need to see those Corbies. Leah...Make it happen! Ba ha ha. We miss you guys. We should do this every weekend. And weekday. Who needs school?!? School drools anyway.


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