baby shots - penny

i've said it before here, and it's definitely true.
my friends indeed make very cute babies.
and they're nice enough to let me practice my very novice photography skills on them.
this weekend i couldn't have asked for a cuter guinea pig!!

i had every intention of posting just one picture here, just a little taste you know?
but as always penny was too cute to resist.
you can see more of her here.


  1. Cute pics! You are a wonderful photographer. I still adore my pictures you took of Jillian.

  2. Okay, seriously. She's so stinkin' cute. I am going to die! I love her!!! Also, seriously great pictures. I've been dying all morning going through the ones you sent me. You're the BEST! Thanks so much for doing them for me. Thanks for runnin around and coming every time I yelled, "Hey Leah!" You're awesome.

  3. Wait, what!? I wanted to see all 3 million that you took! Baby Penny really is the most delicious, edible, squishy, darling, happy little baby ever.

    What a great friend you are to capture these precious moments for Mindy. And great work on your pictures, you do a wonderful job

    P.S. Oh and happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


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