biking in the mountains

we've been watching general conference all day.
(which seems to get better & better every year)
and between sessions we took a mountain bike up stokes nature trail.

just a short jaunt really, a couple miles up & a couple miles back.
sadly, ryan caught a thorn somewhere along the way and got a flat.
so we walked our bikes the whole way down.
evidence of the flat below:

but it was totally worth the trip, with a view like this!

it was so beautiful!
and this weather we've been having is unbelievably pleasant.
we also took heart at the fact that the leaves have not quite turned colors yet.
perhaps summer is holding out a little while longer yet.
fingers crossed!


  1. Leah, I've decided to steal your hair style with the braid - it is just to cute not to.

  2. oh tiffany - steal away! and thank you i might add. :)


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