Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is my little friend Ty.
(we threw his mom a shower before he was born, and you can see him here too.)
I love him because he always looks so genuinely pleased to see me.
I like that in a person!
He also has a face that is so easy on the camera.
And when last week we took penny over to meet him,
-they got along swimmingly by the way-
the lighting happened to be great with him sitting atop the coffee table.
So naturally I shot a few.

Can you even stand the adorable drooly-ness of this face?
I've got dozens of these (all taken in less than 5 minutes) and his expressive little face is completely different in every single one.
And despite the fact that my ISO setting was much too high, (nasty little habit of mine)
he looks adorably sweet in every single frame!


  1. what type of camera do you have?
    your photos are always so amazing!

  2. What a darling little boy! You do an awesome job with your photos, Leah. I am definitely impressed :)

  3. Oh he is just darling! you do such a great job leah!

  4. could he seriously be any cuter? darling pictures leah!

  5. sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you guys! i have and shoot with a canon rebel. and thanks for the compliments ladies, for a novice like me they are always so very nice to hear.


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