How to describe our halloween this year...
nonexistent? almost, but not quite.
pretty dang close though.
i, of course, love absolutely any reason to celebrate.
holidays are always fun.
what's not to love about family, friends, parties, games, food & fun?
but this year there were no pumpkins carved.
or candy bought.
or even trick or treating or costumes of any kind.
i know, right? 
but i didn't miss it.
and i'd never give up any excuse to celebrate,
but i think this reinvention of halloween is a permanent one.
'cause a harvest bonfire is much more up my ally.
and even though we were rained out (or in, which is it?)
we enjoyed the day immensely.
all without a single picture to show for it.
we're planning an encore though and i hope to capture pictures then.
mostly because we've received a little piece of what feels like spring weather.
and with leaves like these around,
it's just too perfect to not soak up absolutely every possible second outside.


  1. We had a great time at the "bonfire". Good food, good conversation and just a good time. Thanks for being a lovely host.

  2. ha! oh good. we're glad you guys came. tonight we're having a real one, so come on over. :)

  3. A harvest bonfire sounds like so much fun! I love the idea. Also, your little strawberries are adorable! :)


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