penny mae

we felt very lucky that mind brought along this adorable little girl too.
(and not just cause she was simply scrumptious to snuggle.)
i always love having tiny subjects to practice on - it's such a good excuse to whip out the camera.
and she couldn't have been sweeter, cuter, or more patient with all of the constant attention.
talk about good baby!!
and although i felt a little stalkerish shooting every sweet little moment of the day, how could i not?
just look at that face!!

and so our weekend included pictures of bath time, and bed time, and play time, and lunch time.
we were even planning an adorable baby photo shoot,
but time was short and somehow we only staged a very few very on their last night.
i attribute it to all penny's naps and feedings, and not to the exuberant fun we were having.
oh well, i prefer those real-life photographic moments anyway.


  1. Ba ha ha. Oh Leah. We can't blame Penelope. She only eats four times a day. And she only takes two two hour naps. Ba ha ha ha. Seriously, she's so cute. She had so much fun hanging out with all her new friends. You guys are the best. Thanks for letting us come to your house! YAHOO!!! We love you and miss you. And there's no cuter pictures of any babies in ALL the lands. Ever. Infinity. Sticky stampy no erasey.

  2. beautiful! Good job Leah! She really is scrumptious.

  3. Leah, these are amazing! Picture #2 is by far the most adorable baby picture I've ever seen. If Mindy stamped it up and mailed it off to Gerber Baby Headquarters, they would have a new baby model the minute they opened it. She is beautiful, and as much as Mindy hated hearing it, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her Michelin tire baby body. Seriously, I could just snack on each and every one of those adorable little rolls.

  4. Leah, how are you still posting if your blog is broken?! Or did you fix it, if you did, come fix mine. Though, I am glad you are still posting, because she really is adorable! Glad you got to have a little photo shoot. Next time I'll be your assistant ;)

  5. I feel like I should take a little bow after all these compliments. You guys are the sweetest and best!


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