Bridal Shower - continued

A mid-morning brunch.
Could anything be more perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a little one?

Especially with an abundance of quiche, fruit salad, tossed green salad,
bagels & cream cheese, and orange juice.
Finished off with banana muffins with creamy chocolate frosting.

Confession: I have a recent fixation with babies breath.
I love these wee little buds, they couldn't be more perfect.
And they smell completely divine!!
So this was the perfect opportunity to indulge my fetish and buy TONS of them.
(My mom used to grow huge bushes of these in our garden, and thus began my infatuation.) 

I'm so glad all you lovely ladies could come!


  1. Such a cute shower, Leah! I only wish I could have attended :) Also what's super cute? Your outfit! I love it.
    You have fabulous taste.

  2. and im sad i missed out...
    but oh my word leah, just when i think that i've seen all the creativeness in you..... man alive. everything is so simple, yet classy. you amaze me, again.

  3. Beautiful! I love peeking in on your next wonderful adventure thru pictures and your lovely descriptions. It makes me want to be there Happily chatting and sharing. Wish we lived closer, but I am grateful for the blogging world where I get 'invited' to all sorts of fun events that you seem to tirelessly and seemingly effortlessly carry off!
    see you soon!

  4. Thanks guys, Wish you all could have been there in person. is it just me or is the world getting bigger & bigger? It seems like everyone is so far away!


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