Our newest addition is...

... this 2006 Hyundai Elantra.
We have nicknamed her Ellie for short.
And we might just be considering naming our first daughter after our first car,
I'm loving the name that much.

This big buy has us feeling:
- sad about saying goodbye to our very first addition to the family.
- excited about our departure from white! (it's silver.)
- sad for the lost excuse to road-trip back to canada to collect the remains.
- excited about the completely chip-free windshield!
- sad... wait, nope! nothing more to be sad about here.
- super excited to own this baby free & clear!

We couldn't be more excited about this sunroof -- our poor man's convertible!
So we are soaking up this view every chance we get!
A sunday afternoon drive? Yessiree!
One of just many excuses we have devised for taking her out on yet another spin.

The vast array of wildlife which crossed our path reminded me how giddy I am about spring.
A black cat and a few deer also made an appearance.
But most excitingly was a live skunk!
I used to dream about the day I would make one of these black & white beauties my pet.

sidenote: I have always loved the smell of skunk. tonight reaffirmed it.


  1. LOVE LOVE it! having a new car is the best.. the smell, the no-chips anywhere. just love it!

  2. Thanks ladies, new cars just really are so very exciting! I never knew a chip-free vehicle could make me so very happy. :)

  3. Congrats on the new car!!! :)


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