St. Pat's

I am such a sucker for holidays - even St. Patrick's day.
It was the first holiday Ryan and I celebrated together after becoming a Mr. & Mrs.
And seriously, what's not to love about any reason excuse for creating fun family traditions.

Our first St. Patty's was a dinner of all green.
This year we took it a different direction.
Because in all of our 29 years neither Ryan nor I had ever tried corned beef!
Shocking, I know.
So it was long overdue that a traditional Irish menu make an appearance.
Also because Ireland is the country my hubs most wants to visit.
It was surprisingly easy and the corned beef tasted just as I always imagined it would - Spicy!

I'm all about shortcut cooking so I just bought a corned beef packet.
And then -because I have class till 7:00- threw in potatoes, onions, carrots, tons of my all time favorite cabbage, along with the seasoning packet and some of that apple bear into the crock-pot to stew.
Ryan whipped up the traditional soda bread (this stuff is GOOD!)
and then a couple bottles of faux beer (aka: apple bear) topped it all off.

We are mildly obsessed with trying ethnic foods in celebration of holidays.
Even if it's not that great tasting we love the experience of trying something so different.
It makes everything so fun and just gets you in the mood of things.

And just for the fun of it - a little comparison.
 Our first green day together -and now look at us- five years later.
Same tablecloth, same plates, same excitement for St. Patrick himself!


  1. I love doing the traditional Irish meal for St Patrick's day! :) I was lazy though and bought it all from Whole Foods instead of making it myself this year. I agree, eating food that's authentic to the country the holiday came from is such a fun way to celebrate. Your pictures, as always, are beautiful, Leah!

  2. Looks like a perfect St. Pattys meal. Too fun.

  3. A pre-made whole foods meal sounds like a wonderful short cut alternative to me.

    And I have to say, we all felt very Irish around here with this meal at our table. :)

  4. Everything you do is so perfect! I mean, who knew you could put an open book on the table to use as a centerpiece? And it works! Keep sharing all of your great creations.

  5. Ha! It was a little bit of improve due to lack of green/Irish centerpiece. I'm glad this makeshift centerpiece was so successful, I think we may even adapt it to other holidays as well. :)


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