Fried Ravioli - Sigh!

Everything tastes better when it is bite-sized -- and also when eaten with your fingers.
Being deep-fried doesn't hurt either.
So naturally, lightly breading and frying ravioli could just be the best idea ever!
I have been telling Ryan for ages that I wanted to try this but he just wasn't quite sold on the idea.
So for our date-night last weekend I just took the plunge and surprised him.
And I must say I think I changed his mind, because these were nothing short of delicious!

Wanna try?
Dredge Costco-purchased spinach ravioli in milk & then in italian breadcrumbs.
Brown them in batches of 4-6 at a time in a skillet of medium-high olive oil.
(Using olive oil made me feel better about the frying part of this meal.)
Sprinkle mozzarella on top while still warm.
Serve with your favorite tomato and pesto sauce for dipping.

**Note: I made 16 of these and thought that would be way too many for just us two.
But we unapologetically ate them all - they were that scrumptious!

I am literally drooling just looking at these pictures - Mmmm!


  1. Remember that fried ravioli at blue plate diner?! That's what this is making me want...right now. Erik asked me what I wanted for dinner. I want this. So you guys better get down here ASAP. We can't go to "our place" without half of the "our"!!! HURRY! HURRY! Plus, we're going Easter shopping for Penn. I KNOW you guys want in on that! :)Love you.

  2. Thanks for the tip! They look amazing!! I think I'll try it with butternut squash ravioli also from costco, and sprinkle with goat cheese, and dip in tomato sauce. Looks so super yummy!

  3. oh wow those look so yummy! I bought Caleb a deep fryer so valentines day...not sure if that was the greatest idea i've ever had...but we are definitely going to have to try these!!

  4. These are SO much better than blue plate Mindy, but I could definitely go back there for some of that ambiance goodness.

    Hmm, butternut squash ravioli would be so good prepared this way. I am salivating!

    A deep fryer was a such a good bad idea! For sure let me know how these turn out in one of those bad boys!


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