And there was a wedding too.

bus ride from luncheon to reception.

how I looked for most of the day.

the wedding party.

the family.

This wedding was, in fact, the whole reason for our recent visit home.
Ryan's only sister Rose (who introduced Ryan & I over 6 years ago) was wed.
It was an incredibly fun day filled with laughter, food, and oh so-so much dancing. 
They were as happy as two kids in love could be. 
We loved every minute of it!


  1. You definitely could have been the only photographer. Beautiful pictures!! And just so you know, your eyelashes look great. I seriously thought after that picture of just you and ryan..."Oh Leah's eye makeup looks so pretty!" ... (small time lapse)...Oh! SHE GOT EYELASHES! And then I did a double take. And yes, they look good! I just thought you should know!

  2. it LOOKS like they are in love.. because your pics are SO BEAUTIFUL. you really need to start doing this as a job leah. you're just too good!
    we miss you guys, and think about you often.

  3. the firefly catching was dreamy. The tuba player on the chair lift was hilarious and the wedding looked gorgeous. You did a fantastic job capturing it all

  4. You guys are so very nice! And heath thanks for the reassurance about the eyelashes, but trust me, it was a whole different story in person.

    Paige, we miss you guys so much and think of you every time we pass your old place. Wish you guys were still living there!

    Wasn't that tuba player funny? He made me feel like I should share my talents more publicly. Like maybe take tons of pictures and share them online, oh wait....


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