Summer days & nights

I spend my days counting down the hours till Ryan comes home.
That's when all the action happens (no, that is not a euphemism - get your mind out of the gutter!)
Picnics, swimming, cliff jumping, drives, shaved ice, evening talks & walks, movies, camping, bonfires, frozen yogurt, & all sorts of summer fun!
My days are filled with reading, sunbathing, and portfolio work.
And waiting for the fun each evening brings.
Oh yes, life is hard!


  1. WHY AM I NOT HERE TO BE WITH YOU FOR THESE SUMMER NIGHTS?!?!? Ah. It would be grand. Miss you. Also, CALL ME. I'm blaming your crazy phone...I have to text Yan to get a response. Call me. Or else, I'll send the Sugarhouse Gang to get ya. And you know what that means...

  2. I am here and I'm STILL not with you on these summer nights. They sound AMAZING. Where in the world are you doing this cliff jumping?

    Whenever you want some friends and a crazy 2 year old to join your fun, give us a call.

    P.S. We still need to do our dinner night. Carnitas and that delicious dessert are calling my name.

  3. I know, right?! And I called but you didn't answer. There is no one to blame but yourself. :)

    Oh crystal, we found such a fun place, we should go together! And let's definitely book that dinner night SOON, it sounds perfect!

  4. I adore this picture of you (ryan too) Looking good. Mere weeks away until we drift off to the sweetest sister vacation ever...mexico here we come. Can't wait.


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