Birthday wishes.

Obviously my gift this year was Mexico (thanks lovey).
Don't adventures make the very best gifts? 
But that didn't stop me from pinning all my favorite things that I'd love to someday enjoy.
The best part about not having a lot of money is anticipating birthdays and other holidays for the surprise of desired treasures you have been admiring all year.
These are some of mine:


I salivate every time I look at these Chevre brownies!
And isn't that camera bag perfect? And those cups! Those bowls! Those key-shaped usb drives!


  1. oh i cant wait to see your adventures from mexico! and i hope your last days being 29 are simply lovely! miss you dear

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Those cups and bowls are to die for!

  3. Happy Birthday! What fun, pretty little things! I actually have those cups in pink and yellow, and I love them!

  4. Thanks guys, these pics really are great aren't they?


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