disaster averted!

This is the remains of my usb drive. 
The one that was almost smashed to death mid-thesis writing.
It wasn't even my fault, it was all ryan.
There I was, minding my own business, when a surprise tickle attack (meant to lighten the mood) startled me, sending my laptop flying to the ground and smooching the inserted usb drive in the process. Can you tell how it was bent at a near 90 degree angle?
The plastic exterior was smashed leaving just this metal skeleton.
After finally prying it loose from the computer, it seemed that there would be no saving it.
Nothing was working as it should.
Luckily the perpetrator was also the amazing hero of this disaster.
Ryan knew a guy that soldered together some of those itty bitty metal clasps making it good as new (insert huge sigh of relief here).
Now it only looks broken, but is completely functional.
Phew! Disaster averted!


  1. Wow! You are so lucky! That happened to me once (minus the tickle attack) and mine was toast. You should buy 5 and back up every 5 seconds :) Good luck with that thesis!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I am pretty good about backing up work, so it wouldn't have lost all my work, just a good 4 hours or so. Just enough to cause some alarm. :)


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