Good days follow bad.

I knew today was going to be a good day. 
It had to be, to balance out the sort of day we had yesterday.
Ryans tire came off his car in the middle of the road.
I was 20 minutes for my class and for presenting my final project.
My phone fell in the toilet.

But today, well today I got a package from china containing my christmas card envelopes. 
(It also held a few adorable stickers as a gift.)
Then I attended what could potentially be my last class ever.
And I met a Romanian speaker with whom I shared a lovely conversation.
She even complimented my accent.
Yup, better. Much better.

Arn't packages form overseas the best?
I love the foreign text all over the customs slip.
It doesn't even matter that it contained things I bought and paid for.
It felt like a gift.


  1. Oh Leah, I love reading your blog. That looks perfect! I love that you loved getting a package from china so much. Do I get one of these said christmas cards? :)

  2. What a cute package! I'm glad it made the not so fun things from the day before a little lighter.


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