2011 - the highlights

2012 has been a pretty big year for us. 
A pretty big and pretty great year.
So, a monthly play-by-play in pictures and bullet points has been made.
So as to remember.

  • rang in the New Year in Canada
  • packers played the super bowl (this is apparently a very big deal)

  • my brother Peter became a husband, and provided us with a brand new sister. Yeah Peter!
  • we hit a deer driving home from Canada and sadly lost our corolla in that accident, she can never be replaced :(
  • we replace our old car with a brand-new-to-us hyundai elantra, we call her elli. Corolla, what corolla?
  • valentines day meets Lady & the Tramp, we celebrate over a shared plate of spaghetti

  • we celebrated our marriage turning five!
  • anniversary staycation = snowshoeing & hot springs in the mountains
  • five years just deserves to be mentioned thrice, it sounds crazy coming out of my mouth keyboard
  • commemorated St. Patty's by trying our hand at corned beef, cabbage & soda bread. A new tradition is born! 

  • visited South Carolina, Myrtle Beach to be exact. Bliss!
  • celebrated easter with a traditional Romanian dish, sarmale & mamaliga
  • built patio furniture out of old, and more importantly free, pallets

  • hosted an outdoor brunch/favorite things party
  • our dear friends moved very far away

  • my cousin Bethany was wed
  • provided the perfect excuse for my sister and niece to make their very first - short but oh so sweet - visit to our home in Logan 

  • Ryan's sister Rose changed her last name and we helped her celebrate with a wedding!
  • we celebrate July fourth and our first-date-aversary with fireworks & pizza in the park
  • camping trip(s) to porcupine reservoir with our fabulously outdoorsy and not so outdoorsy (but in a really great way) friends

  • a much anticipated and most delightful birthday girls trip to Mexico with mom and sisters
  • August 22 I turned the big 3-0
  • hosted numerous bonfires & outdoor movie nights to celebrate
  • refinished our coffee table

  • Ryan went to Nevada where the boys spent a week four-wheeling through the desert
  • he survived, with only a few scrapes and bruises, rolling his four-wheeler

  • apple and pumpkin picking over conference weekend with littlest sister
  • Ryan joined me in the thirties on the 6th
  • piniata & italian in the park to celebrate his arrival
  • made a visit to see my dying grandma in Canada
  • hosted a pie party

  • my grandma passed away 
  • I defended my graduate thesis to the committee
  • we drove the 10 hours to Canada immediately after
  • made it just in time for my grandmas funeral where I gave my first funeral tribute -- so emotional!

  • I graduated with my masters degree in record time, phew!
  • participated in the Main Street gingerbread house parade
  • spent Christmas in Canada
  • rang out 2011 in Wisconsin


  1. love it, love it, love it! I might have to copy this idea.

    AND, Taylor will happy to know that we're the "outdoorsy" friends. Good thing I married him, because he carries that title for us singlehandedly.

  2. Oh please do. And your comment just made me realize, it was more like outdoorsy husbands, not so outdoorsy wives. Favorite memory - having to drive into town for mindy to use the facilities. :)

  3. Leah! I love this idea, I seriously need to do this before the end of January-that is my goal!! Let's catch up soon, I feel terrible that I didn't even know Ryan was in a four wheeling accident!?? I'm soooo glad that everything is okay. miss you!


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