Wisconsin New Year

I love the week between Christmas & New Years. 
Just when all the holidays feel like they should be nearing an end, second holiday pops up!
And flying to location #2 gave a mega power-boost to our excitement for the holidays. 
Yep, this year we lucked out and got to be in Wisconsin for the ringing-in-of-the-new-year festivities.
We have never vacationed so long!! (2 1/2 weeks)
Nor have we ever visited both families and both hometowns back to back.
We are so spoiled, it was heaven.

The usual suspects in Wisconsin included the early mornings working on the farm, an entire day devoted to wii competitions, the traditional Friday night fish-fry, games galore (the usuals: scum, spoons, polish poker, and some new favorites: qwirkle, rack-o, telestrations, and hand & foot), and the best grilled steak dinner known to man. 

We rounded out the season with the addition of a knitting lesson at grandmas, witnessing -- for my first time ever -- the birth of a calf on new years eve, and embarking on a gorgeous winter hike through the Kettle Moraine state forest and up the parnell tower.

The aftermath of a very happy New Year indeed!


  1. Your pictures are always so fun and clear! I'm glad you guys had a great holiday season!

  2. Oh thanks, it was indeed a superb holiday. :)


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