Flowery Art

Generally artwork for the home is entirely too expensive if you ask me.
Unattainable almost.
So I am always on the lookout for personal and affordable alternatives to the real thing.
This gem of a pink peony is simply a blown up photograph.
I went to kinkos and let them worry about sizing, printing and cutting.
And I didn't even splurge on photo paper, just printed it out on the cheapest paper available.
And I couldn't love it any more if it was a two million dollar original Monet!
Seriously, I am completely captivated.
I sit. And I stare.
It is that kind of affection.
I bought the frame first (from Ikea) and then blew the image up to size.
And to fancy it all up I painted the frame gold.
It is even more shiny, glamorous, and expensive looking in person.
Not at all like the $19.99 deal that it was.

And peaking out of the bottom of the above image is the outdoor rug we purchased a couple months ago. 
It never actually made it outside.
Even though it is a much darker blue than the online image I was looking at when I bought it, 
we love it and are keeping it right here in the living room.
And for an outdoor rug it is actually quite soft and comfortable. Score!


  1. this is what I love about you and your decorating; it's always changing. I love the new location and I love the gold frame. But now my question is: What is hanging over the buffet? Sidenote: I sit and look at the empty spot in my bedroom and dream of your buffet sitting there.... How about I just buy yours and Ryan came make you something new and fabulous because he's good like that. Does that sound like a great deal!?

  2. I love the print. In fact, I love all the new changes in your house. I most definetly have design envy. :) You are so talented.


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