Summer Blogging

I don't need to tell you that come summer blogging gets pretty hard!
Everything gets hotter, everyone gets busier, theres so much to do and so little time!
One fun thing after the next is summer. 
So it's a sad reality that when you have the very most to blog about is also when blogging happens the very least. So right now I am trying to decide wether I am okay with that or wether I should dedicate more diligence and effort to the blogging front. 
For now, until I better know my own mind on the matter, I've just decided not to fret.
But to enjoy the fact that our summer has been enjoyably busy.

Birthdays have been celebrated.

Copper mines have been explored.


Cousins, brothers, and good friends have been visited.

Croquet matches have been waged.

Babies have been birthed, photographed, blessed, and celebrated.

Hikes have been hiked.

Bike rides have been biked.

And picnics have been picnicked.

Coming up this weekend: seasonal firsts of bonfires, swimming, and fishing.


  1. I just died a little bit. In a good way. How do I have such beautiful children? BEST. Also, did you see that I said "CHILDREN"?? Madness.
    Thanks, Leeeeaaah. You're the best.

  2. Leah, LOVE those pictures! All of them. Miss you both dearly. And how do you two have so much fun?! All. the. time. I love reading about it :)

  3. We loved seeing you guys Heather, come back and visit more!! Miss you guys already.

    And you do make some cute children mindy, indeed!


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