America The Beautiful

We had a busy and fun Independence Day full of shopping, swimming, picnicking, more swimming, snow cones, barbecues, and fireworks. It was the most exhausted I have felt in a long time. And after all our friends headed home and all the major fireworks had been blown up, we left the dity dishes right where they were (scattered throughout our dining room and kitchen) and instead opted to lounge outside, arm in arm, in our hammocks.

We swung in unison beneath the stars and the leaves with the entire valley and what was left of a pink sunset as our backdrop. Few views can rival the one we enjoy right outside our door atop our little hill here in Logan Utah. I haven't figured out yet how to separate myself from such a view, and so we remain until I can devise a plan of detachment. I'd snatch this townhouse up in a second if it were for sale and hardly change a thing. 

Our soundtrack, while we rocked, was the booming of far off fireworks being lit long into the night. Even when we eventually made our way sleepily upstairs and into our bed they were still lighting up the night sky outside our window. It was with this patriotic percussion and with Ryan's arm tucked safely around me that somehow we realized that all day long not once had we heard the national anthem. It only took a little persuading for me to get ryan to sing it softly (I don't know all the words) and after that only a little more for him to get me to sing mine (he doesn't know all the words either). It was by far my absolute favorite part of the day. Anthems evoke emotions from the very deepest part of the soul, and so we continued with God Save the Queen and what I could remember from the national anthem of Romania. 

I felt overwhelmed with patriotism and gratitude for the beautiful world we live in. And sheer pleasure at being witness to an entire valley celebrating beauty and freedom in unison. I am glad our children will enjoy the blessing of knowing and loving two countries in just such a way. 

Incidentally, July 4, 2005 was also the very day my current hubsy and I were set up on our first date. 
It was a casual group thing -- picnic and fireworks at sugarhouse park -- but our first official date nonetheless.
So a very happy first-date-aversary to you my love, we owe your sister big time!


  1. This is the sweetest little post I've read in a long time! I truly wish we were there celebrating with you :) looked like so much fun, and especially patriotic!

  2. Such a great post. It brought up all sorts of patriotic feelings in me.
    I am glad it was so lovely.
    Miss you.

  3. i love our anthem too.

    TRUE NORTH! strong and free!

    come july 26 'm probably going to spend all day glued to the TV hoping for glimpses of canadian medal winners (and our song of course!).

    we are in alabama now. to me the south is like a foreign country. its cray-cray and super different. but after a few days out and about, i'm really liking what i see.

    i'll post more about it.

  4. I love The way you write....Thank you for sharing this very special and patriotic post with us.


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