We lived in Switzerland.

In the very southernmost part.
In a city named Lugano.
A peninsula of Switzerland surrounded on every side by Italy.
And by lots of mountains.
We explored every inch a lot of inches of it by foot, by scooter, by car, by bus, by train, and by boat.
And looking back now it all feels so much like a dream.
A really beautiful, wonderful, happy dream.
And if not for all these pictures we'd have no proof that it wasn't. 

 The size of what is considered a personal pizza. 

 our favorite gelateria where we tasted our first and last Italian gelato.
also where they drizzle each scoop with swiss chocolate and top it with a wafer for good measure.

ryan acting like my dad and investigating building materials

And Lugano as seen from a nearby hill.
We called this home for a while.


Tell me what you think about that...