The Jailbird

My sister was arrested. 
The same one who got engaged only a few weeks ago. 
So rockstar of her, right?
I'd love to tell you it all happened with some crazy bachelorette party story, breaking into backyard pools or something, but really it was all just the result of a measly unpaid ticket.
An unpaid ticket that was really just the result of a misunderstanding.
(She thought mom was paying it, mom thought she was paying it, yada yada yada.)
So I guess when you don't pay a ticket a warrant goes out for your arrest. 
I had no idea this was the case. 
And she, obviously, had no idea this was the case.
That is until she was pulled over on Logan's Main Street for having a headlight out.

Luckily, the arresting officer was kind enough to wait until we got there before it all went down. 
And then it was all pat-downs, and hand cuffs, and cop cars. 
And once at the jail it was all fingerprints, and mug shots, and posting bail. 
The whole night was scary, memorable, and eventually funny. 
(these emotions were, I'm sure, magnified for the one being arrested)
In hindsight we both wish we had gotten a picture of the actual arrest. 
But there was a lot going on.
And so there you have it, my sister had her first experience being arrested. 
And we had our first experience posting bail. 
It was all very exciting.
And we had hot chocolate waiting for her as soon as she was released as sort of a 'congratulations on getting out of jail' celebration. 

Also, Ryan wore his pajamas. 
And now he is forever documented paying bail in his PJ's.
(Did you guys know they pay it electronically? Yeah, we didn't know either.)

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