The Olive Grove Trail

Some pictures from that lovely autumn evening Ryan and I spent walking the Olive Grove Trail in Gandria

A barely discernible path running through a wild cliffside olive grove just 20 minutes from where we lived. 

We didn't come across a single soul along the trail or even after as we explored the sleepy fishing village beside it. Not until we slipped into a little Italian restaurant for dinner after dark.

And the thick grey mist hanging heavy over Lake Lugano not only made everything seem more surreal, but created some very lovely lighting to capture the first time either of us had seen olive trees.



  1. This is sooooo beautiful!! Keep posting more of your trip! Also your lasagna making made my mouth water :) - Tara

    1. Thanks Tara, it really was pretty. Also, I am coming to Canada with Kate. :) Come to Cardston and let's do wedding stuff!!


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