A Day in Tommy's Life

** posted at the suggestion of Thomas's lovely birth mom and is a couple months old, but our schedule is still pretty much the same.

6:30 - wake up & bottle 
(alway an early riser - starting the day pretty much how we ended the one before)

7:00 - diaper change & play with dad before work

8:00 - breakfast
(today scrambled eggs and mandarin oranges)

9:00 - read books 
(he picks the books, crawls them over, climbs into my lap, and turns all the pages while I read)

9:30 - explore whole house 
(pull down everything within reach, find smallest and most dangerous things and insert in mouth, circle coffee table and sofa as many times as possible)



10:00 - morning nap


12:00 - lunchtime 
(today multigrain bread, corn, peas, carrots, dehydrated strawberries, only to be eaten when separated by item, but will never touch corn although we keep trying)

1:00 - sing songs
(clap hands to initiate patty-cake x 100, bash out original tunes on piano) 


1:30 - independent play 
(aka: the race to scatter every single item in his room)

2:00 - afternoon nap

4:00 - snack & play 
(outside in summer, in nursery during colder months, which can be rougher than it sounds when getting stuck beneath a table)


5:00 - go on walk 
(either in his wagon or the stroller. he loves to look at all the horses & ducks we pass on the way)




6:00 - dinnertime 

6:30 - bath, bottle, stories, teeth brushed, prayers, songs, & kisses goodnight
(crosses his legs & plays with his wooden brush every time we change his diaper or get him dressed)


7:00 - bottle & bedtime 
(ending the day pretty much as we started it)