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You may not know that we had our adoption application papers filled out and completely ready to go for about two years before we actually submitted them. 
But for some reason the timing just felt off, like our baby just wasn't quite ready for us yet.
So we waited. And we prayed. And we waited some more. 
And then suddenly the timing felt incredibly right. 
We submitted our application and then sort of assumed (and hoped, we really-really hoped) that this would all go super quickly for us.

And then when our profile was finally published and we were immediately contacted by two birth mothers within that first week it looked like we were right. 
But then those fell through, and after that everything went silent, and that silence has lasted for five months.
We keep checking our email to make sure our account hasn't been cancelled or something due to inactivity, you know, just in case that's been the problem.
And then we hear horror stories about couples who wait five whole years before being selected by birth parents (thanks mom:)) and feel both silly for thinking this is taking forever and panicky at the thought of 4 1/2 more years of waiting.
So now we are thinking we need to be a little (read: a lot) less passive in our approach.

So even though it feels mildly (read: largely) uncomfortable to put ourselves out there in such a big and public way, a link to our adoption profile is now available on the blog.
If you want to help spread the word we wouldn't mind if you linked to it on your blog too.
We wouldn't even complain if you published a little shout out on facebook or something.
We figure it could only do us good.
And help increase our chances of being found by the birth mother we hope is looking for us and the baby meant to join our family.

This is so far out of my comfort zone I just have to hit publish before I talk myself out of it!
Here goes...

** link to full adoption profile above & right here **


  1. Love your blog, your travels and you pictures! I just wanted to post a comment because I have been where you two are.... my husband and I have adopted our four children through LDS FS and what a beautiful blessing each on is to our family.... the waiting is hard, the paperwork sucks;) but in the end its so so worth every minute... every tear and all the pain it takes to get there. Its hard but its a miracle and blessing how things happen and they happen for a reason:) You probably don't remember me at all but your mom was my merrie miss teacher long ago in Vernon when i was young ....and our famililes are from cardston so have seen your family many times over the years. You have a beautiful family. I guess I just wanted to say hang in there enjoy the journey together it brings you closer together and teaches you things that maybe were never possible if things had worked the way we always dream they would:) But things have a way of working out that you never see coming maybe cause the Lord has a bigger plan for each of us:) Good luck :) and prayers for a baby soon:)

    1. That's really nice of you, thank you! And it is always so reassuring to hear successful happy adoption stories, thanks so much for sharing! I feel like I can relate perfectly to what you are saying. It not just as good as how we imagined starting our family, it already feels better! Thanks for the prayers and the encouraging thoughts. xo

  2. i just love the profile you and ryan put together. it's fun and authentic. your baby is coming:)

    1. Thanks so much Mercedes. I agonized over writing it! Because you want it to be completely perfect, but it never ever is. We just decided that's got to be okay. So if it reads fun and authentic, we're completely thrilled. :)

  3. I totally agree with Christal (she is much better at writing her thoughts than I am.) We have adopted two children through LDS FS. We were on the waiting list for 2 1/2 years with our first and I was 36 before she arrived. I felt like I had waited forever, but once she was placed into my arms all those years I had to wait and all the heartache were worth it for HER. I still catch myself daily glancing at her and thanking God for the miracle of having her in my life. Our second was only a two year wait. ;) Again he's been worth every second I had to wait.
    Leah hang in there and remember that God is aware of you and your family. I wish I understand why it is so easy for some to have families and yet a righteous desire to be a mother comes so difficulty and not at all for others. I hold onto the fact that God is in control and He loves us and wants what is best for us. I have also learned a lot about patience and I think the fact that my children didn't come quickly has made me appreciate and love them even more.
    Thinking of you,

    1. Thank you so much for this Patty!!

      How thoughtful to take the time to write about your experiences, I just love hearing about it! And know I will feel the exact same way once we get our child, like the wait was short. And for now I can already feel my patience being stretched in really good ways, which can only help me in the parental arena I'm sure.

      And you know, it's funny, even though infertility has felt like the absolute hardest thing ever, I already just feel incredibly blessed and lucky that we've gone through it because it's brought us here. And I just know this is 10,000 times better than the life I would have carved out for myself.

      Thanks for your sweet note and positive thoughts. So appreciated!

  4. Leah, I have always looked up to you. Your talent, style, testimony have always inspired me. I cried as I read your adoption profile. Thank you for sharing. I think we have a lot in common and I honestly never thought my life would be going in the direction that is going, but it's been a better life than I could have planned for myself. I am SO happy for you and Ryan to have your children. Thank you for sharing experiences that are so very personal for you two, because sometimes it feels like no one can relate and days are hard. I am sharing your adoption profile on my blog.

    1. Oh Stephanie, this is the sweetest little note!! It just means so much to me. And as I was catching up on your blog last night I was thinking all the very same things. I just liked you right away! Wish you guys still lived here so we could do a lunch and visit, cause I know how isolation feels all too well. Thanks for passing our profile along, and if you ever want to chat, email or call. Like, for sure! xo


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