Home Tour

I've created a new home tour tab. 
A couple weeks ago some people came over to shoot some pictures of our townhouse to use in a flier, and I seized the opportunity to take a couple pictures myself.
Thus was born a photographic home tour.

I figured it would be a fantastic way to let potential birth parents get a good look at where we live.
Since that would be the first thing I'd want to see should the tables be turned.
 I sort of wish everyone would post detailed pictures of their homes just because I love getting a peek.

Feel free to snoop around!

** click home tour link above to see the whole tour ** 


L I V I N G    R O O M 

B A T H R O O M S  


  1. LOVE this! I don't think I have ever seen your bedroom, it's gorgeous. The only depressing thing is that I have the same house....but mine looks nothing like this. Also, I'm still shaking my head in awe about how awesome your lesson was. I think you should consider being a teacher/professor. You have a natural talent for teaching and public speaking.

    1. That's so funny and crazy you have never seen our room! Ha! And thanks on the lesson. But seriously, I've never had such an incredibly rocky start. Tell me it wasn't that disruptive to everyone else!?

  2. What a lovely, beautiful home you guys have! I LOVE it. How fun to get to see all of it!

    1. Thanks Jerilyn, I'd love to see pics of your cute place!!


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