Every other night or so I completely lose myself to dreams of Romania and the people I love and miss.
Sometimes in my dream I am showing my family around the country for the first time, sometimes just my sisters, sometimes it's just Ryan and I, and sometimes it's just me, back there, like the old days. 
They're the kind of dreams that are hard to wake up from and stay with you for most of the day.
The kind that you wish you could just roll over and fall back into. 
The really happy good kind.
So being back there last year was bizarrely awesome!
I left blood, sweat, and tears on these old familiar streets of Romania.
But besides all that nostalgia, how could you not fall deeply in love with a country that looks like this?


  1. Please can we go back there together?! Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh my goodness, that would be a dream!! Can we please make a pact that that will happen one day? Please?!?

  2. These are stunning! love all of them so much. You make me proud in oh too many ways to count.

    1. Spoken like a true mother! Thank you. Thank you. Really sweet.

  3. I too have the Romanian dreams every so often. These pictures are stunning!!!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Romania is on my top 5 places to visit, though I think it's a 5 way tie for first place! I've always been so drawn to the romanticism of aged culture. I love so much about the people I've met through the internet and in person here in the US, from the joyful welcoming nature, to the importance of the family and heritage, the matter-of-fact no nonsense approach to everything ... including work and play. The old gorgeous grand architecture as well as the modest do-what-you-have-to homes and markets and farms so much speak of hardship and a spirit of endurance.
    Of course there is the majestic countryside! I can only dream of seeing the sun rise through the mists over the mountains.
    And then ... the the mesmerizing magik and lore. Oh! All so fantastical and alluring! How could one not completely fall in love with this country and it's blessed peoples?


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