Has a mysterious way of making all kids adore him.
Takes the world's longest showers.
Orders milk to drink at restaurants, even at the fancy ones.

Wants to go everywhere and do everything. 
Has a concerning addiction to chocolate. 
Can always forgo sleep in order to finish a good book. 

Our Story
The boy in this story is Ryan.
And the girl is me, Leah.
Ryan originally hales from a small town in Wisconsin,
and I from an equally small town in Canada.
We had to travel over 2142.4 combined miles in order to meet each other.
And then we still needed the help of Ryan's sister to give us a little push.
She set us up on our first date on July 4th of 2005, and now we celebrate every 
anniversary with fireworks.

We met in Utah.
We married in Utah.
We've studied, and played, and worked, all right here in Utah.
(With a few temporary stints living and working in California and Switzerland too)
And we both finished graduate school in Utah.
We love it here a lot, but harbor big dreams of one day leaving this fine state for more exotic places.
Someday soon we're going to move to Europe. We can feel it in our bones.
It would be a temporary absence you must understand, because we want our roots to grow deep right back here in Utah.

The distance between us and our families is sometimes hard, and inspired us to start a blog in the first place. Where we try to keep it beautiful but real. Just like life.