Olympic Mystery

So, you have probably noticed, while watching the Olympic divers, that each time their dive is complete they climb out of the pool and head straight to the showers. Okay, maybe you haven't noticed, but trust me they do. And apparently there has been quite a bit of mystery clouding this observance. Never fear - mystery solved.

Investigative reporter Chris Chase has unfolded the mystery in his recent article aptly titled “The Mystery of the Showering Divers.”


  1. hi! We are excited for you guys to come back. Mindy is counting down the days. My answer was reading, what was yours??

  2. hey! just noticed on facebook you had a blog so i decided to check it out and say hello! :) hope things are going wonderfully for you both. its been forever since i've heard from you! how are things?

  3. SO glad to know!!! I was really wondering! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

  4. great blog except for the kissing picture, too explicit for me
    Dad R


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